Our Story

Welcome to the official HODL webshop. Here you can learn more about our products, and why we started the HODL shop.

In 2021 HODL Inc. acquired BeHODL.com from German company HODL GmbH, we did this because we love the HODL brand and because we want to expand the entire HODL brand globally in the coming years.

All products that we sell on this webshop have been extensively tested and selected by the founders of HODL Inc. We therefore fully support these products. Otherwise we wouldn't be selling them of course.

We personally don't care about Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, or other high-end fashion brands. We prefer to build a brand ourselves that fits the real hodler. We sell products that we actually wear ourselves.

What Happend to BeHODL.com?
After the acquisition of HODL GmbH, we decided to use the domain name BeHODL.com for a cryptocurrency wallet, which is better suited to the name. In addition, hodl.shop is an ideal name for a webshop, so it's perfect!

HODL Charity
Running the HODL webshop is not our core business and that is also the reason for some of our choices. We maintain small profit margins and we support HODL Charity. You can learn more about HODL Charity at the official website. Click here to visit HODL Charity.

Shipping & Returns
To be very transparent to our customers: some of our products are not always in stock immediately, they will come directly from our supplier after they have been ordered. Sometimes it takes a little longer before you receive a product.

If you are not satisfied with a product, or if there is a problem with a product, please contact us so that we can come up with a solution.

HODL Games token
We are also the creators of the HODL Games token, we accept this cryptocurrency as a form of payment for our products. If you want to pay with $HODL from HODL Games token, please contact us as this is not yet possible via Coinbase Commerce.

Visit the HODL Inc. company page to learn more about us.